I had forgotten that the bridge has been renamed and that it is now known as the ’Tom Clark Bridge’. Note: it is claimed by some that it had never been officially named so it has not been renamed.

According to Councillor Nial Ring the decision to name the bridge after Tom Clarke will have a “lasting impact on our city”. I cannot imagine what impact the name of an unattractive bridge could have on a city such as Dublin. To quote another councillor “Dublin City Council renaming overnight East Link Bridge to Tom Clarke Bridge without any consultation with residents of the city” — Kieran Binchy (@KieranBinchy) March 7, 2016

I have a theory that eventually every bridge, road and building in the Republic will be named after a 1916 leader. Of course there may be a few exceptions such as the Samuel Beckett bridge or Grattan Bridge [which is locally known as Capel Street Bridge or even Essex Bridge if you are very old].

Today was a beautiful sunny day so after lunch I decided to visit the docklands area.
Much to my surprise there were many photographic opportunities but in the majority of cases I had no option but to shoot into the sun and this caused a lot of problems. My problems were compounded by intense reflections from the water of the river Liffey.

As I was crossing the East Link Toll bridge a siren was sounded and this caused some confusion as many of the pedestrians on the bridge were visitors to the city. In my case it took me a while to realise that the bridge was about to open and it was not clearly indicated how far back along the bridge I should move. I had some difficulty explaining to a group of tourists that the bridge was was about to be raised.

The bridge was raised to allow two small Royal Navy proceed upstream in order to dock.