I do not remember seeing this street sign before and as I had known this stepped street or lane as “Murdering Lane” because when I went on a walking tour a few years ago the guide told us that it was Murdering Lane. Today I was more than a bit surprised to see that according to the sign it is now named Cromwell’s Quarters.

After some research I discovered that it was renamed in 1892 so my information was well out of date. In the 1862 edition of Tom’s Almanac it is listed as Murdering Lane. I also came across the following “Cut-throat Lane and Murdering Lane were two adjoining streets in Mount-Brown. The name Cut-throat Lane, which was in existence as far back as 1488, was changed to Roundhead Row in 1876 and Murdering Lane was changed to Cromwell's Quarter”. Another source indicates that there was a “Cut-Throat Lane East” and a “Cut-Throat Lane West”. Selling a house in those days could not have been easy.

Today I used a Zeiss Batis 25mm Lens with my old Sony NEX-7 because the combination is very light and easy to carry around.