St. Columba's Church And Grounds In Swords County Dublin - Church Road

St. Columba's Church And Grounds CHURCH ROAD SWORDS

I am a bit disappointed with the photographs that I took today. Unfortunately because of space restrictions this church [and associated structures] is not easy to photograph even with a 25mm lens. I tried to create some composite images but the results were not useable. I will try again at a later date.

All the structures at this location are of significant historic importance and require conservation work to prevent further deterioration.

St. Columbas's Anglican Church Swords is located on the site of an old Monastery and was founded by St. Colmcille in the year 560. The Church was designed by Francis Johnson and was completed in the year 1818 at a cost of £2.500. The church is currently closed because it needs a new roof so I was unable to photograph the interior.

The Round Tower is said to have being build in the 9th century. The cross at the top of the tower was put there in the late 17th century to let people know that it was a Christian Tower.

The square clock tower dates back to the 14th century and added to the ancient abbey. There's an engraving which dates from 1791 which shows the belfry tower and the remains of the medieval church walls. These walls were taken down in 1830 when St. Columba's Church was being rebuilt.

St. Columba's Church Lodge was build in 1870 costing £140

Although previously in good condition the church building now requires repairs. There are signs of increasing conservation problems. There is no immediate danger of collapse but condition is such that unless urgent remedial works are carried out the building will sharply deteriorate. The community has vacated the structure following loose plaster which fell into area over font. Complex remedial works is now required.

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