Each tram makes audio announcements and has electronic displays so you can tell where you are on your journey.

You are allowed to bring your guide dog on board Luas trams. No other animals however are allowed on Luas trams.

All Luas tram and tram stations are wheelchair-accessible and there are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. The stations that have been built in a cutting or on an elevated track have lifts to make then as open to wheelchair users as they are to pedestrians.

Each tram has a low floor and level threshold with a minimal gap between the floor of the tram and the edge of the platform. This makes it easier for anyone using a wheelchair to board the trams.

If you use a wheelchair, you must enter through the double doors in the middle of the tram where information on where and how to position the wheelchair is shown. Make sure that you are facing the rear of the tram while travelling.

There are two designated spaces per tram, which can cater for up to four wheelchair users, complete with comfortable arm rests, which will come with adequate signage to let people know that they are there for wheelchair users if necessary. There is also enough space in the entry and exit areas on the trams for a number of additional wheelchair users.
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