Certain parts of Dublin Bay are suitable for nesting birds. Many birds are nesting on islands and on structures in the port. The nesting birds such as terns seek good flat areas with good visibility so they can spot potential predators, such an area is beside near Booterstown Train station.

When I first started taking digital photographs I did not have the software to process them so I ended up with many photographs that I stored with the intention of reviewing them at some later date.

When I took this photograph I was having a major problem with dust on the sensor and it was one reason why I switched from Canon to Sony [I do not know why but dust is now much less of a problem when using my Sony bodies]. I counted at least twenty dust spots on this photograph even though I had the sensor cleaned a few weeks earlier.

Another problem was that my Sigma 12-24mm lens produced a lot of distortion that I could not correct back in 2007.

The other problem that I was having at the time was that the sky was always grey rather than blue.

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