When I got up this morning the weather was beautiful so I decided to have an early lunch and then get the tram to City West. I picked city west because I visited Park West earlier in the week and I wanted to compare both places. In my opinion Citywest is much more pleasant than Park West especially because one can hear birdsong while visiting the business campus.

I had lunch at Mr. Dinh’s on Capel Street, I will tell you more about this excellent restaurant at a later date, and then I got a red line tram to Citywest. I like using the Luas tram but I do not like the section between Jervis and Bluebell because of low level anti-social behaviour which may not be too serious [most of the time] but it is constant and therefore annoying.

When I got to the Citywest stop I expected to walk across the green area to the actual business park but there was a large construction site in the way. I asked a number of people about the disappeared path and all of them told me that it was no longer available. In case you are wondering why I asked more than one person … I found it hard to believe that the operating company would allow the stop to be isolated from the main source of travellers so I did not fully believe what I was told. I ended up taking a much longer route and was not at all pleased. I was even less pleased when, on my way home on the tram, I looked out the window and noticed a new pathway at the perimeter of the building site.

When I got home I checked online and can now tell you that what is underway at the Luas tram stop is a new development to be known as ‘Citywest Village’ and it will consist of almost 400 houses and apartments. At least the residents will have excellent public transport.

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