It is now October 2017 so I have begun planning for 2018

I have a few decisions to make and some are going to be expensive.

The first issue that arises is should I consider getting an iPhone X ... my main interest is the photographic capabilities of the device however I need to get rid of my Nokia which happens the be a Windows device and I really dislike it for many different reasons.

The second item is the new Sony RX0 which may be a better portable option than the iPhone X and it is less likely to be stolen but it may not integrate well with my current infrastructure which is Apple-centric.

The big and expensive decision is what do I do about my main camera the Sony A7R MkII. It is rapidly approaching its end of life mainly because it has suffered a lot of abuse. For many reasons the A9 is of little interest to me and it is unlikely that the A7SIII will be of little interest as I am not in a position to make use of its video capabilities. It is likely that it is going to be expensive.

I am hoping that a Sony A7RMkIII or an A9 equivalent becomes available by May of next year but I have a horrible feeling that either could cost between Euro 6000 and 7000. But here is the problem, if these cameras come in at Euro 6000 or higher I would seriously getting the Fujifilm Medium Format camera [the body is Euro 7000 but there is a special offer ongoing if it is combined with a lens]. Of course, as I have devoted a lot of my resources to building a comprehensive collection of high quality e-mount glass the Fuji route may make no sense.

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