Father Collins Park, Ireland’s first wholly sustainable park, is located on Hole in the Wall Road, and was officially re-opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and blessed by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on 27th May 2009, following a €20M redevelopment project.

The 52-acre park was named in honour of Fr. Joe Collins, Parish Priest of Holy Trinity from 1975 to 1979, who was instrumental in securing the lands in public ownership for recreational use.

According to the Dublin City Council press release, “Fr. Collins Park has the capacity to be entirely energy self-sufficient. The five wind turbines harness the wind and provide the energy that powers the park’s lighting, aeration and water features. ”

The turbine rotor diameter is 15 metres, and the overall height to blade tip is 32.5 metres. Each of the five turbines is rated at 50 kW. Together they will save an estimated 163 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Features of the park include:

A large lake and central promenade with 3 shelters offering shade and protection from the weather 

An inbuilt stage and amphitheatre to the north provide panoramic views of the entire park and cater for outdoor theatre and concerts

Five grass pitches with changing room facilities together with a 1.5km circuit track for cycling, running and walking

Six health stations interspersed along its perimeter for those interested in ‘working out’

Children of different age groups can play in two playgrounds constructed on safe flexible surfaces made from recycled runners, while seated areas with permanent chess and draughts boards are provided for budding grandmasters

Picnic sites are available in attractively landscaped areas with grassland areas dedicated for casual pursuits like walking, playing football and ‘frisbee’ etc.

A plaza design skate park, the first of its type and size in Ireland, was designed for street skaters using 3 levels containing a variety of steps, edges, straight lines and grind rails.

Wetland areas contain and treat park water within a series of reed beds, as part of a recycling system that will both replenish and keep the main water feature clean; these wetlands will contribute to the existing ecosystem, encouraging biodiversity within the park