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Galway finally reached hurling's promised land when they captured the Liam MacCarthy Cup for the first time in twenty nine years. I could not believe how many times I was asked for my opinion about the game, fortunately most people did not wait to hear what I had to say as they proceeded to show me highlights of the game via their mobiles.

This year my visit to Galway was badly timed for two reasons. As already mentioned, Galway won the All Ireland and as a result was packed with people who had way too much to drink. Fans returning from the Electric Picnic added to the crush in the train and many passengers had to stand all the way from Dublin to Galway.

My hotel was in the city centre and as there was a massive celebration on Monday night I got no sleep because of the noise that continued until about 6 in the Morning.

On Monday the weather was not good but on Tuesday the weather was even worse and I had to abandon my trip to Salthill as soon as I got there because of really heavy rain. The were a few short sunny spells which did allow me to visit a few locations that I wanted to photograph but this is the fifth year in a row where the weather proved to be a major ongoing problem. I do have rain gear and my equipment is weather proof to some extent but the rain reduces visibility to a degree that makes photography close to impossible.

The noise on the street continued until about 4am on Tuesday morning so I arrived back in Dublin totally exhausted.