DxO is a French company dedicated to photography. Founded in 2006, it is located in Boulogne-Billancourt. They company  markets DxO PhotoLab, ViewPoint, and FilmPack image processing software.

The software that I am testing is DxO PureRaw2 and it is best described as a simple to use fully automated version of  DxO PhotoLab. The software converts raw files to 16-bit linear DNGs, using DxO’s industry-leading lens correction and noise reduction algorithms. These DNGs can then be processed using your preferred imaging software [I use Lightroom], just like normal camera raw files.

I currently have DxO PhotoLab. DxO PhotoLab 5 is software which corrects various optical aberrations, notably image distortion, with corrections tuned to particular lenses and cameras. It also adjusts lighting and colour rendering. The software reads the Exif file to gather information about the camera, the lens and the settings that were used.

Its automatic optical adjustment can fix: 

Distortion of curved line (should be straight) 

Color fringes Light fall off of vignetting 

Make same sharpness from centre to corners

I also use Nik Collection. Nik Collection is a collection of 7 plugins for Adobe Photoshop and applications compatible with Photoshop plugins; Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements are officially supported. DxO acquired Nik Collection from Google on October 25, 2017, and it was first released as a DxO product, Nik Collection 2018, on June 6, 2018.