Photographed on St. Stephen's Day 2021. Artist: Mickey Shu-Ting Chan Artwork Title: ‘Mime in the box' Artwork Location: Terenure Road North/Ashdale Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W Artwork Description: The incarnation of the famous invisible box illusion performed by mime’s has just been hijacked! Just this time - the mime is trapped in a REAL box! It’s a humorous piece that aims to put a smile on people’s face. Biography: Mickey’s Taiwanese name is Shu-Ting, it means “book, pretty”.  She was given the nickname Mickey by her mates at a young age, because they thought she looked like that famous mouse; ever since then she’s known as Mickey Chan, sometimes as an art director and sometimes as a graphic designer. She has only recently found out that in Ireland, Mickey could also mean...a male organ.