The Tiger Mural predates the current Year Of The Tiger [Lunar New Year]. 

The owners describe the Lucky Duck as " an elegant neighbourhood pub and cocktails bar where we are making the old new again." 

The building, dating from 1890 and is was at one stage known as Aungier House,  has been vacant for at least twenty years and while I went to Kevin Street College, nearby, I cannot remember the name that it operated under but according to some of my fellow students it sold the cheapest pint in Dublin (I never knew if that was a recommendation or a warning). 

I am not an expert when it comes to Dublin Pubs but to the best of my knowledge The Lucky Duck was originally to be called The Dutch Billy, after an architectural style of building that was once common in Dublin but when it was realised that the name might be considered to be a reference to William of Orange that idea was dropped. Note: Dublin’s Dutch Billys [Gable fronted houses] were reputedly named after William of Orange, and their arrival in Dublin is generally attributed to an influx of French Huguenots after 1685 and to Dutch and Flemish Protestants fleeing persecution after 1690. 

I would have gone with Dutch Billy.