The area around my apartment has been effectively a building site for three or four years and I am really pleased by the fact the majority of projects will be completed by the end of this year.

The major project with the biggest impact on my living environment is the Luas Cross City project but the good news for me is that the working date for opening the new route to passengers is December 9th/10th. Of course I do not know if the service it self will have unexpected negative social impacts but I am hoping that if there are any they will be more than compensated for by the positives. It would appear that property prices are increasing but as I do not wish to move this is not really relevant to me [except for an increase in property tax]

There will be two tram stops on O’Connell Street.

The GPO Stop will be located within the median of O’Connell Street Lower, north of Middle Abbey Street and will be conveniently located to provide interchange with the Luas Red Line at the Abbey Street stop. This is an important description because it contains a bit of information that might surprise some people. The common belief is that the purpose of the Cross-City was to connect the Red Line and the Green Line services but this is not actually true from a service point of view because users will need to interchange between the lines near the GPO

Physically the two lines are connected so if necessary trams can be switched but the passenger services will not be connected. For example passengers wishing to travel from Stephen’s Green to Heuston Station must get of the Green Line tram at the GPO Stop and walk a short distance to Abbey Street [Red Line] to complete the journey to Heuston Station. Basically this is necessary because to do otherwise would now allow the operation of two high capacity lines [If you take the DART as an example there are two destinations on the North Side so the number of trains arriving at either Howth or Malahide is less than the number of trains passing through Tara Street.