I lived and worked here for three or four years and also attended a nearby school for ten years and I have always liked the area but when I was young Wilton Place and Wilton Terrace was to be avoided, at night, as it was a very active red light area.

As you can see from my photographs there are a number of active construction sites in the area the main one being Wilton Park described as a landmark development which will see 5,000 additional people working and living in the neighbourhood when it is fully complete in 2024.

The Wilton Park site has been  assembled over a 40-year period in order to transform this part of the city. As well as offices, the neighbourhood’s amenity-rich streetscapes will offer places to eat, drink and shop, and spaces to relax and dwell including a new public square and the restored one-acre park.

During construction, 95% of demolition waste was recycled and offices will use 60% less energy than the average what was typical until now. Two to Four Wilton Park will operate free of fossil fuels, running solely on renewable energy.