Many years ago a friend  was on his way home from school and saw a double deck bus crash into this bridge. We never found out why the driver decide that he could fit under the bridge. Some of the boys at school had mentioned that the driver who was well known in the area usually drove a single deck bus and that he often took a unapproved shortcut back, at the end of the day, to the nearby garage [maybe it was nothing more than an urban myth]. Also, looking at the bridge today I am fairly confident that no type of bus could every have passed under this bridge. 

One side of the bridge is Grand Canal Quay while the other side is Clanwilliam Terrace.

The Malting Tower is located at the bridge and it usually incorporated a restaurant [I say usually because there have been a number of different restaurants over the years]. I know very little about the Malting Tower other than it was built in 1860 and restored in 2002. Also,It was occupied by volunteers during the Easter Rising. 

To the best of my knowledge the construction site to be seen in some of my photographs is known as Boston Sidings having frontage on to Macken Street and Grand Canal Quay/Clanwilliam Terrace and is likely to accommodate an office block of ten storeys.