Earlier in the week I used my Sony A7RIV for video and was very disappointed with the sound quality because of wind noise ... the video recordings were effectively unusable. I then examined the possibility of purchasing a Sony ECM-B1M digital microphone but discovered that it will not be possible to get one before April or even May.

I have a VG10E camcorder which I purchased just before Christmas 2010. This particular unit accepts Sony E-Mount lens but for some weird reason it only produced JPEG stills but the big problem for me is that there is no way of geotagging the captured images. Anyway, today I decided experiment using a Sonf FE 70-200MM F2.8 GM lens.

To be honest I have always liked the VG10E and it did come with an excellent lens which was the reason why I purchased the camera in the first place. Later I sold the lens for more than I paid for the total package. The unit has two major advantages in that the batteries last for hours and the files are very small.