I was aware that there were plans to redevelop the area near the Markets but it really surprised to see that the buildings that surrounded to Hacienda Bar have all been demolished.

I live on Henrietta Place [Bolton Street area] and for about twenty years the area has effectively been a massive building site. There was the LUAS tram extension, the Tenement Museum across the street from my bedroom, two Student accommodation complexes on upper Dominick Street, a stalled  hotel project on Bolton Street, Grangegorman university campus which now has about 20,000 students.

Now that the projects listed above are complete or close to completion the focus for redevelopment has shifted  a short distance to what could be described as the old markets area of Dublin. The new Hilton Hotel is about to open and work on the Fruit & Vegetable Market is ongoing. However there are a number of new hotels underway on Little Mary Street, Little Green Street and East Arran Street.

Below are details of two of the hotel construction sites near the Hacienda

StayCity, Little Mary Street 340 bed Aparthotel progressing on site currently in the historic Markets Area of Dublin City Centre for Staycity. Ground floor reception and cafe, retail unit and artist studios make for a lively streetscape close to the main Mary Street and Henry Street thoroughfare. 

Creekvale Hotel [Arran Street Hotel] 

In June 2020 Dublin City Council gave the green light for an eight-storey, 273-bedroom hotel on the site of the existing Begley’s Fruit Market in Dublin’s markets area. According to the developer: "This hotel is located on Arran Street a short walk to Jervis Street Shopping Centre and Henry Street retail areas. The project involves the construction of a new hotel and basement below ground level. A challenging project on a relatively restricted site and bustling retail environment, with the added complexities of archaeology and engineering challenges. The construction of this seven-storey building and complex façade treatment and landscape on the building will result in a top-class brand hotel."