The building is an unusual surviving example of a 1760s house featuring a high status rococo-style cornice. The aim of the project is to strip off inappropriate cement layers and restore the 1760s character of the building. This includes sash windows reinstatement, brick pointing, Roman cement repairs and on-site investigation as the works are underway.

Dublin Civic Trust is an independent charitable organisation that works to identify, preserve and create awareness about Dublin’s architectural heritage.

As an educational trust, they promote best practice repair and conservation of historic buildings and streetscape - involving identifying and recording the city’s built heritage, developing policy and skills training, and undertaking targeted acquisition and refurbishment of historic buildings as engaging demonstration projects. THey are committed to sustainable urban development, understanding that creative new intervention and adaptation of existing buildings is essential to the evolution of historic cities everywhere.

Dublin’s status as a historic European capital of character and distinction is a resource of enormous social and economic value – one that has not been adequately developed to date. The work of the Trust is targeted at preserving and enhancing this built asset for the benefit of everyone, with an aspiration for Dublin as a living historic city that embraces this unique built identity.