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Compared to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras are smaller (due to fewer parts, especially pentaprism or pentamirror) and sturdier (due to fewer moving parts).

As the type of street photography that I engage in requires a lot of travel using public transport I soon discovered that carrying lots of heave bulky expensive equipment was not practical in the long term so in 2009 I decided to see if there were and suitable options available to me. My first purchase was a Sony NEX-5 [August 2010] and while this camera was useable it did not meet many of my requirements. In 2011 the NEX-7 became available and while it did have some limitations it convinced me that it would be possible to migrate away from using DSLR equipment. I also purchased a Sony VG10 camcorder which I still use.

In 2014 I eventually decided to fully switch from Canon DSLR to Sony Mirrorless if and when a suitable camera became available and in June 2015 the camera that I was waiting for was announced by Sony. It was the ILCE-7RM2. Unfortunately the earlier A7R had a number of serious issues.

Initially I had planned to retain my Canon lenses as I had a Metabones adaptor but for various reasons I decided in December 2015 that I would purchase a set of suitable native lenses assuming that I can raise the cash.