Many years ago there were three statues at this location and back then the park was named the Millennium Park . The statues were carved in 1872 for the Great Industrial Exhibition on Exhibition Place at Earlsfort Terrace. They've been moved around ta number of times at one stage were located beside the City Hall in the middle of a pond. They represent Irish manufactures in wood, metal and stone.

The three statues are now located at Kings Inns Public park and are not in any way identified and in fact many locals claim that they are in fact props left over after a film crew departed the Henrietta Street area of the city.

Up until 2019 I was not sure if this space had a specific name but I now know that it is known as Barnardo Square but I do not know why.

Barnardo Square, in its current form, is less than fifteen years old. It was formed as part of the development of an adjacent office building, both of which were designed by the Spanish architecture firm MBM. Back in 2007 Paul Clerkin of Archiseek described the new office block as "Robocop on Dame Street" while Frank McDonald wrote in the Irish Times that, "It may even be the most detested new addition to the city." My own opinion is that it is at best bleak and unattractive.

At one corner of the Square is Palace Street the shortest street in Dublin.

According to the City Council "Barnardo Square may get a makeover to enliven the space with tables-and-chairs and trees on one side, which would free up the centre to be used as an events space from time to time."
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