Despite the fact that the Voigtlander is an f/1.2 lens I discovered that most of my images were at f/22.

Grangegorman College has recently become Technological University Dublin [TU]

I live so close to this college campus that I could claim that I live on it and i expect that it will, over the next few years, have a massive impact on the local area. I am hoping that it will be a positive impact.

Grangegorman Campus Development: TU Dublin, in conjunction with the Grangegorman Development Agency, Health Service Executive and Dublin City Council is developing a new unified campus which will be located at Grangegorman in Dublin’s North West Inner city. The campus will bring together the University's core and supporting activities in a single vibrant environment, integrating with the strategic development of Dublin City and providing a range of facilities for Students and Staff, for industry and the wider community. Together with the existing Campus in Blanchardstown and Tallaght this will be the heart of the new Technological University Dublin.

The 40 mm/1:1.2 Nokton is a fast, manual lens. It is the world's first full-frame 40 mm lens with an aperture of f/1.2, while retaining a compact size. The optical formula includes two aspherical lenses, and the photographer can rely on optical performance and enjoy a smooth bokeh at the maximum aperture.
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