I live beside this and have found it difficult to discover exactly what is happening and it would appear that the project is a few years behind schedule.

It should be noted that Grangegorman Educational Complex is now a University [TU].

According to the development plan that I received many years ago - The Broadstone Gate will provide a key access to the Grangegorman site once complete and is being developed as part of the Luas Cross City works. It will be finished as a public plaza and the access will provide a major linkage between Grangegorman and Dublin city. The plaza is situated off Constitution Hill on the site of the old royal canal at the former Great Western Railway Station commonly known as Broadstone, and will mark a prominent entrance to the Grangegorman urban quarter. [As can be seen from my photographs much of this has not yet happened]

The Broadstone site, which borders Grangegorman on its east side, was subject to a Part VIII planning process in 2014 in order to facilitate the site development and gate access. Under the Grangegorman Masterplan, the primary urban path through Grangegorman – St Brendan’s Way will link with the Broadstone Gate which when completed will reach as far as Prussia Street. The link with Broadstone can also be seen as an extension to the 18th century historic spine of Dublin City which covered Dublin Castle across Grattan Bridge, along Capel Street/Bolton Street, Henrietta Street [where I live] and King’s Inn.

In May 2016, the boundary wall dividing Broadstone and Grangegorman was removed, creating a historic pathway joining the two sites for the first time. The Luas Cross City works are continuing to progress at Broadstone with a target completion date for the end of 2017. The Broadstone Gate entrance will mark the first access to the Grangegorman site from Constitution Hill.

Note: The Luas tram service is operational however the St Brendan’s Way pathway is not fully operational when I photographed the area at the end of July 2019 and as can be seen access to one section is limited to certain times and days.
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