Over a period of about forty years I have worked a total of about ten years for a number of companies based in Dun Laoghaire and almost every lunch break during my time there I paid a visit to the People’s
Park and then in the evening I walked along the pier before taking the train back home.

Recently I visited the People’s Park to see how the planned renovation was proceeding and as a result I am very optimistic.

People's Park, Dún Laoghaire was officially opened on 29 September 1890. The land had been acquired by the Kingstown town commissioners in 1889 and the park had been designed by J. L. Robinson, an architect who was chairman of the Town Commissioners.The current system of pathways was in place by 1937.

In September 2012 Councillors approved a plan for a major expansion of the Park which will see the popular facility extended to include a new raised platform over the existing railway line between Dun Laoghaire and Glasthule.

Details of the project which will cost an estimated €750,000 were unveiled at the council’s monthly meeting held on September 10. The expansion will see the railway line which runs alongside the park in the area known as the Metal being covered in a similar fashion to work already carried out on Queen’s Road a short distance away.