An Arboricultural Curiosity In Dublin [Platanus × Acerifolia, London Plane]

An Arboricultural Curiosity In Dublin

Platanus × acerifolia, London plane, London planetree, or hybrid plane, is a tree in the genus Platanus. It is usually thought to be a hybrid of Platanus orientalis (oriental plane) and Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore). Some authorities think that it may be a cultivar of P. orientalis.

I am now experimenting with my new Sony 35mm 1.4 lens. This lens was described by Steve Huff as “the best full frame 35mm lens I have ever used in my life”. As I have little experience with high quality glass I cannot make any claims about this lens but I do think the it will be my lens of choice going forward.

Originally when I switched from Classic DSLR to Mirrorless my intention was to reduce size and weight to a minimum because I was tired of transporting heavy equipment around the country. However when I got the Sony A7RM2 I decided to try the get best possible lenses even if they were very expensive but the down-side to this decision is that my equipment is becoming very heavy.