Originally this area was part of St Laurence O'Toole Parish, North Wall, in the diocese of Dublin. From 1919 there was a church known as the 'Tin Church' on Church Road, at a site opposite Seaview Avenue. In 1941 this became the parish church of the newly constituted parish of East Wall. This building is now a gym.

In 1954 it was decided to build a new, bigger church, the present St Joseph's Church, at the junction of Church Road and St Mary's Road. The Foundation Stone was blessed on 8 November 1954, and on 29 July 1956 the then Archbishop John Charles McQuaid blessed and officially opened the new Church of St Joseph in East Wall.

St Joseph's church has seen significant changes since it was built. Many of these changes are reflected in work that has been carried out on the church building over the years. The Sanctuary was reordered. This enables the priest to celebrate Mass facing the people. The reordered Sanctuary is a much bigger space and facilitates the active involvement of lay people.

In the late 1980's, the mortuary chapel was converted to a Blessed Sacrament Oratory that could accommodate small groups for the celebration of Mass. At the present time, the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in this area.

In the 1990s, the marble baptismal font was moved from its original location off the front porch area to a position in front of the Sanctuary where Baptisms are now carried out in front of the Sanctuary.

The building was modified in order to be inclusive of the needs of all people, whatever their disabilities. New ramps have been constructed outside the front of the church, elimination of the step at the main door. Special toilet facilities are available inside the main entrance. Changes for people with hearing and visual impairments have also taken place: improvement of the sound system and the introduction of a loop system, and improvement of lighting within the church.

The establishment of a new Radio Link enables housebound parishioners to participate by radio in the liturgical life of the parish.