Cadburys chocolate was founded in Birmingham in the 1830’s. It was a century later when the company opened its first Irish factory in 1933 on the Ossory Road. Three of the company’s products were made here, including their famous Dairy Milk bars. In 1939 they opened a second Dublin factory, on the East Wall Road.

The premises on the East Wall Road had been built eight years earlier (in 1931) for the Gallaher tobacco group, and named Virginia House. Once acquired by Fry Cadbury it was renamed Alexandra House. In 1964 the current Cadburys factory in Coolock opened, which saw the demise of the East Wall operation. The building was taken over by Wiggins Teape and renamed Gateway House . In 2001 Gateway house was demolished by Collen Bros. 

Osraige (Old Irish) or Osraighe (Classical Irish), Osraí (Modern Irish), anglicised as Ossory, was a medieval Irish kingdom comprising what is now County Kilkenny and western County Laois, corresponding to the Diocese of Ossory. The home of the Osraige people, it existed from around the first century until the Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century. It was ruled by the Dál Birn dynasty, whose medieval descendants assumed the surname Mac Giolla Phádraig.