The Dame District is located just behind Dame Street and parallel to George’s street, has become an epicentre for socialising in Dublin Town and is part of Dublin’s prestigious Purple Flag area.

 Purple Flag accreditation means the area has been recognised as an ‘area of excellence, especially in the evening economy’ – making it the ideal place to explore possibilities.

It’s kind of like the Blue Flag for beaches and the Green Flag for schools – but the purple means it’s an area recognised as a place to go ‘for a better night out’ – and we do love a good night out! 

The area offers the highest quality in shopping, dining, pubs and entertainment, ensuring that we have all we need for a great evening out in Dublin, sure we always knew it! 

So if you’re looking for something to do, make a plan to visit the Purple Flag Area and discover the possibilities that DublinTown has to offer. 

DublinTown is the collective voice of businesses in Dublin city centre, working to create a better city experience for all.  They promote the city centre as the ultimate destination of choice for shopping and socialising while also improving the district through additional cleaning, graffiti removal, floral planting and other initiatives. DublinTown makes the city centre better by connecting influential people in authority with its 2,500 business members. They are advocates using examples and evidence to drive change.